Frontier Compute Platform

Welcome to the Frontier Compute Platform!

The Frontier Compute Platform is the collection of software used to manage the Parabon Computation Grid. It's secure, OS-agnostic, unobtrusive and comes with a rich set of development tools to facilitate the rapid development of high-performance grid applications.

The Components

  1. The Frontier Compute Platform, which provides Frontier Grid Services to users and developers, is at the center of any Frontier grid.
  2. Frontier Applications are available for a number of problem domains - from financial forecasting and data mining to biological and nano-scale modeling and simulations, and more. Some of these applications have been designed to run within the Frontier Dashboard - a browser-based web interface that provides an intuitive front-end to the Frontier Compute Platform. Others operate as grid-powered desktop applications and still others are packaged as plug-ins to applications such as Microsoft® Excel®
  3. Frontier developer tools - including the Frontier Software Development Kit (SDK) and Eclipse IDE Plug-In - enable software engineers to create their own custom Frontier-enabled applications. Other tool-kits exist that provide frameworks for rapidly integrating existing applications with Frontier and also for performing evolutionary computation.
  4. Finally, the Frontier Compute Engine is the provider-side application that runs on each grid node (computer) to actually perform the work. The Compute Engine is designed to be unobtrusive - only executing tasks when the computer is otherwise idle.